Hi Everyone!

I wanted to announced that I will be OFFICIALLY transferring my blog over to my new dedicated domain which is hosted on blogger at MEDLABMAVEN.COM


What does this mean for you? If you already have me bookmarked under medlabmaven.com, then nothing will change! If you have me under my wordpress domain, please update your bookmarks to medlabmaven.com :)

If you are a member of my email list: I will gradually be moving you over to my new subscriber list through FeedBurner. You will be receiving a confirmation email asking you to confirm your subscription through that! If you have already joined my new email list on blogspot, don’t worry, you won’t be added again.

All content is now on my new site! The site is currently live so go have a look! I have been working hard for the last few weeks to make my blog even better with more flexibility and features for the site and blogger was my best option to do this.

My first post will be going up tomorrow and I will gradually be closing down this site over the next few weeks to prevent confusion. Thank you for supporting me for the past 2 years on wordpress and I hope to see you over on my new site!




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